Vital Angel

Automatic Pelvic Floor Exerciser for Vaginal Tightening and Bladder Control

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The leading Pelvic Floor Exerciser that does ALL the work for you, with one daily session. 

*Better Bladder Control

*Youthful Vaginal Tone

*Enhanced Intimacy for Both Partners

* Stronger Core





A short daily session effortlessly restores your pelvic floor strength. No need to learn complicated or time consuming exercises. 

Gentle and precise impulses are sent to contract and strengthen the correct muscles. You don't have to do a thing and can use it while you watch TV, scroll Instagram or just relax.

insert Insert the comfortable Kegel Angel probe  

turn onTurn on your Kegel Angel toner

let the kegel angel do the work Let the Kegel Angel do the work!

Created by Doctors, Kegel Angel technology is supported by Scientific Research.



How it works: 


💜Women in Europe love this device. 💜  FINALLY available in the U.S.A